5 Social Security Mistakes You Probably Don’t Even Realize You’re Making – The Motley Fool

We all make mistakes. We make non-financial ones, such as brewing caffeinated coffee in the evening when we meant to brew some decaf, and financial ones, such as not saving and investing enough to build a sufficient war chest for retirement. Another kind of m… [+5159 hSgns4gIKH0]

Turkey local elections: Erdogan fights for nation’s confidence – BBC News

Image copyright EPA Image caption More than 57 million people are registered to vote in Sunday’s poll Millions of people are voting in Turkey’s local elections, which are widely seen as a referendum on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The poll comes amidst an … [+3262 9lidJ8sQYTs]

Man charged with kidnap and murder of South Carolina student – New York Post

A South Carolina man has been charged with the kidnapping and brutal murder of a 21-year-old University of South Carolina student from New Jersey who mistakenly got into his car, thinking he was her Uber driver. Columbia Police Chief William Holbrook said lat… [+1401 jqqsf6PjnS4]

Suspect arrested in University of South Carolina student’s death – 10TV

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) Police in South Carolina say they’ve arrested a suspect in connection with the death of a college student. Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook said at a news conference that 24-year-old Nathaniel David Rowland was detained early Saturday a… [+549 DwXaAQtkfYw]

Report: NYPD investigating Kristaps Porzingis for alleged rape hours after 2018 ACL tear – Yahoo Sports

The New York Police Department is currently investigating Kristaps Porzingis after claims that he allegedly raped his neighbor in 2018, just hours after he tore his ACL while playing with the New York Knicks, according to Tina Moore of the New York Post. Acco… [+2368 Xk87d7vVqc4]

Elton John Aligns With George Clooney’s Boycott of Brunei-Owned Hotels – Rolling Stone

Elton John has aligned with George Clooney ’s boycott of Brunei-owned luxury hotels after the Asian nation passed strict “Sharia law” that would allow for the stoning death of LGBTQ people. As Clooney noted in his op-ed to Deadline, the Sultan of Brunei owns … [+2095 5RTFQ0DS74s]

‘SNL’ mocks Jussie Smollett in sketch that doubts his innocence. Did they go too far? – USA TODAY

Jussie Smollett got the “SNL” treatment Saturday night. (Photo: Paul Beaty, AP) Jussie Smollett took two comedic hits Saturday night. First Chris Rock went after him at the NAACP Image Awards. Then “Saturday Night Live” devoted a sketch to how they imagined S… [+2320 wVwnPpGBfE8]