Glowing green ‘dunes’ in the sky mesmerized skygazers. They turned out to be a new kind of aurora. –

When mysterious glowing stripes of green lit up Finnish skies in 2018, it didn’t go unnoticed by avid aurora chasers. The pattern of light was unfamiliar and strangely perfect, reaching out toward the horizon like a set of celestial sand dunes. Sure enough, … [+5608 PravdaZaDavida]

Caribbean earthquake of 7.7 triggers tsunami warnings – BBC News

Image caption The quake hit between Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Cuba A powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake has struck in the Caribbean, prompting brief tsunami warnings for parts of the region, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said on Tuesday. The quake … [+2150 How To Make Money Online UK Edition (2020)]

Kobe Bryant helicopter crash: All 9 bodies recovered from wreckage, investigators say – Fox News

The last of the nine bodies was recovered Tuesday from the wreckage of a helicopter crash that killed Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and eight others on Sunday, according to investigators. Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and six other passe… [+1384 Lead Lightning – Why you need Lead Lightning…_]

GOP concedes Trump may have withheld aid for probes but says it’s not impeachable – CNN

(CNN)A growing number of GOP senators are now acknowledging that President Donald Trump may have leveraged US military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an announcement of investigations that could help him politically — but they contend that even that conduct … [+6124 Lead Lightning – Why you need Lead Lightning…_]

Google aims to unify its workplace tools and messaging apps into one service – The Verge

Combining Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts products into one Photo by Michele Doying / The Verge Google is working on another communications application, this one for workplaces, that will combine several different platforms it already operates, according to a ne… [+2227 Lead Lightning – Why you need Lead Lightning…_]

Pokémon Home costs three times more than the service it replaces – Engadget

For that price, you’ll be able to store up to 6,000 Pokémon, as well as take better advantage of some of the app’s marquee features. For instance, Pokémon Home includes an evolution of the franchise’s fun roulette-style “Wonder” trades. As a premium subscribe… [+1479 Coronavirus]

NFL tightens social media security after hackers launch pre-Super Bowl attack – Fox News

The NFL has tightened social media security after hackers launched a wide-ranging attack just days before Super Bowl LIV. A number of NFL teams’ Twitter accounts have recently been targeted by hackers, including the Twitter accounts for the Kansas City Chief… [+3034 Coronavirus]

Atari-branded hotels with e-sports studios and game rooms are coming to the US – The Verge

Hotels will be coming to eight cities Image: Atari Atari has licensed its name for a number of brand partnerships in the gaming space, but the companys latest deal to build eight Atari-branded hotels marks its foray into the hospitality industry. The compan… [+1454 MLM Gateway]

NJ woman reported missing after visiting medium found dead, prosecutors say – Fox News

A body found over the weekend in New Jersey is a 25-year-old woman reported missing nearly three months ago after visiting a medium, prosecutors said Monday. “It is with great sadness we announce that Stephanie Parze’s remains were recovered yesterday in Old… [+1511 MLM Gateway]