Who is Novak Djokovic’s Wife, Jelena Djokovic? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Novak Djokovic is one of the most successful tennis players in the world, whose name is frequently mentioned with the two other greats he competes against often Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. But while playing the latter at Wimbledon in July 2019, Novak’s wi… [+2860 microfiber cleaning cloth]

Pope Struggles With Higher Power As He Gets Trapped In Elevator For 25 Minutes – HuffPost

Pope Francis was late to his weekly Sunday appearance after being stuck in an elevator for nearly half an hour.  “I need to apologize for being late,” he told the crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square, according to translated comments. “I was stuck in an elev… [+643 makeup removing wipes]

Did Kanye West Really Make Taylor Swift Famous? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

What a difference a decade makes. It’s been 10 long years since Kanye West famously interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. After Swift won the Video of the Year award for her hit song “You Belong With Me” West hopped on stage to express his d… [+4608 custom shoes]

The Heartbreaking Reason Prince Harry Regrets His Last Conversation With Princess Diana – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

On the anniversary of Princess Dianas tragic death, Prince Harry and Prince William reportedly meet up to reminisce about their mother. While they celebrate the years they had with her, the princes have always carried some regret over the last phone call they… [+2924 How to Lose Weight Healthy Way in a Month ]

Mark Edwards: It’s early, but Tide shows critical improvement – The Times Herald

ATLANTA If Nick Saban can keep from getting flagged for telling officials their calls are bull hockey, Alabama should be just fine. By the way, who calls Saban on the carpet for drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in Saturday’s 42-3 win over Duke… [+3688 How to Lose Weight Healthy Way in a Month ]